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What NOT to Do in the Writing Industry

Writing is not tantamount to impromptu thinking. You cannot simply write what you think. You must abide by the rules and practices in writing. Authors or writers across industries need enough time and amount of effort in writing an article and the like. On top of that, you have to be unique in writing —an original piece per se. Each writer has their own writing style.

Here are a few don'ts of the writing industry.

You have to avoid plagiarism.

There should be a strict reminder and strong integrity that you are not writing for grades but for the company or client. Therefore, copying others’ work, especially on the internet, is a big NO. A good content writer assures that their piece is entirely original and must undergo a plagiarism detection service program like Turnitin. Paraphrasing is highly suggested also.

Avoid using highfalutin or difficult vocabulary.

You should always consider the readers of your article. You are not your readers. Write in a language that is appropriate and format but not too pretentious. Good writing means to keep writing simply in accordance with the rules set by the industry. Avoid the use of long sentences and phrases, learn to choose the exact words for what you want to say, and say nothing more.

Do not overdo it.

You can use economical sentences, periodic sentence repetition for emphases, and a well-balanced structure of the write-up. Writers value emphasis in order to be persuasive by putting valid and reasonable references. Moreover, your top priority is to produce good content, focusing on value-addition.

Do not be exclusive.

Lastly, always consider the requirements of the industry and its stakeholders before yourself or your biases. If your paper is inclusive means, anyone can read, understand and relate to it. Meanwhile, write with flair and passion. There are no shortcuts in content writing. It involves a lot of editing, revising, and re-writing. Patience is a must.

Enjoy the writing process by abiding by the rules and regulations. Others may find it boring, but there is always peace and order in your writing process.

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