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What is Ghostwriting? Is it Legal?

Have you perhaps wondered if all the things you have read on an author’s blog are their own writing? Or are there people behind it creating those write-ups for them? There are indeed authors who employ other people to do the task of blogging for them. This activity is called ghostwriting, and the one who performs them is most likely called ghost writers. What are these terminologies, you’d ask? Read on to know more about them.

What is Ghostwriting?

The act or service of creating content for other people is called “Ghostwriting.” The credit goes to the person whom the content is designed for. Ghostwriting happens when the writer contributes effort to constructing a literary piece for a specific author. This is a type of service where the writer is not credited for doing the work. It is a sort of make-believe that the author is the one who created the content.

Is Ghostwriting legal?

To answer this question, yes. Ghostwriting is legal, and it has been around for ages. Many people of significant following seek such services for various reasons. One of them is having someone more professionally inclined to write and polish their drafts before they get out to the public. Ghostwriting can range from trivial to significant. Ghostwriting is prevalent in society, but the job is not often publicized to preserve the clients.


Ghostwriters are hired to do a particular job. That is to write literary content, journalistic speeches, and other approaches that the client has availed of. Ghostwriters are not credited for doing the work. They are not mentioned and acknowledged at the end of the speech or memoirs. This may sound inequitable, but that is what the job calls for, and you are paid to do so.

Ghostwriters are imaginary writers doing their tasks for someone else’s name. It is a legitimate job that writers are compensated for. Ghostwriters are often hired to write several literary works, including writing magazine and newspaper articles, drafting memoirs for average to famous people, and even editing autobiographical information for other people.

Ghostwriters will put themselves in the author’s position. Their job involves acting as if they are the author writing the content. It is vital to consider this factor to make your writing more believable.

In some other cases, the ghostwriter’s name may be given credit somewhere in the book’s acknowledgments, depending on the author’s discretion. This is the case, especially when a renowned ghostwriter has been a significant contributor.

Should you hire a Ghostwriter for yourself?

If you are an author with a busy schedule and often take too much time writing your next book. If you have little to no time to update your website (if you have any, which you should have), social media platforms, and other online patrons, then it is about time to get yourself a ghostwriter. Not only do they create content for you, but they also assure you that your online platforms are active to consistently create traffic.

Benefits of hiring a Ghostwriter

You are an author, and writing is your primary career. Indeed you have no trouble constructing sentences for your online content, but the question is, do you have time for it? Writing even a single chapter of your book can take up so much of your time that you are left feeling tired when you finally call it a day. You will hardly have the energy left in your system to get up and post online content. This is when ghostwriters can come in handy.

Employing the assistance of qualified Ghostwriters can be a great help considering that you will now have a longer time to focus on working on your current project or writing your next book. You will be at ease knowing your online platforms are up and running.

Most famous personalities often hire ghostwriters to draft content for speeches, memoirs, and other similar reasons. Ghostwriters’ involvement in other people’s work can range from trivial to significant. Some ghostwriters are hired to merely edit and polish a literary work to perfection. In some instances, ghostwriters may be tasked to create a whole book from scratch.

Over the years, ghostwriting has become a collaborative effort of the writer and the person availing of such service. Ghostwriters will make the content and submit it to their clients for approval. In the end, the client has the final say if there are any necessary revisions the writer must make. The ghostwriter may pitch opinions on why a specific content shall remain in the piece and whatnot.

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