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What is an Author's Writing Style

You may have observed that every author has a distinct writing style that sets them apart from every other author. A writing style is how the author uniquely conveys their message to the readers. This includes two writing style elements, namely, tone and voice. The tone suggests the personality and language that the author implements toward the audience, which radiates through their work.


The author's writing style is the way they deliver the message to engage the reader to read the whole passage continuously. Writing styles can be modified depending on the tone and voice that the writer is aiming for and the text's target audience.


You may not realize it, but writing has human attributes. It has a personality that is based on the author.

Writing styles help in determining the aim of your paper. Choosing such a writing style is essential in deciding whether or not the text is appropriate for the target audience.


Writing styles consist of two elements: namely, tone and voice.


This is the attitude by which the author delivers the message. The tone is the language used to convey the paper's essence to the audience and how the writer addresses the viewers.

Some familiar tones used by authors include the following:

  • Assertive

  • Cheerful

  • Friendly

  • Dry

  • Pessimistic

  • Lighthearted


It is a unique choice of words by the author. In other words, diction. Diction is a crucial part of writing. It helps writers choose the right words to describe and express something of importance. It is also essential to take into consideration your sentence structure and grammar. All of these play hand in hand in creating an effective writing style.


Now that you have known what a writing style is and its elements and have determined your style, it is time to learn and identify the types of writing styles in the literary world.

Below are the types of writing styles you can incorporate into your paper.

Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing uses words to paint a picture in the reader's mind—used to describe places, things, people, and anything in general. A descriptive essay shows a clear description by observing details that matter.

Narrative writing

This type of writing could be fiction or nonfiction. The primary purpose of narrative writing is to tell a story by narrating events and plots based on facts, hearsays, or simple folktales.

Fiction writing is created solely by the author's creativity and imagination. In contrast, nonfiction writing is where the author bases on the facts, real-life encounters with people, and actual recorded events in history.

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing aims to convince the reader to ponder on the writer's piece. To consider the author's statements and persuade the audience to take the author's side and agree with their logic.

Expository writing

As the name suggests, this writing exposes factual information. The author using such a writing style will educate the reader by sharing truthful figures and data relevant to the topic.

Each writing style is unique and can be applied on different occasions depending on the writer's choice and preference. One thing to remember is that writing styles can vary from one author to another, and it is of utmost importance to apply each type correctly based on your chosen topic and the direction of your paper.

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