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Transitional Devices: Key to a Coherent Blog Essay

Communication is vital in essay writing. The writer’s responsibility is to convey their ideas precisely what they want their readers to understand. Transitional devices lend a hand to writers in the fulfillment of this responsibility. The presence of transitional devices allows readers to understand the points and ideas communicated in blog essays profoundly.

What is a Transitional Device?

Transitional devices figuratively resemble a bridge than connects parts of an article. These words and phrases serve as the reader’s signal in interpreting the essay’s logical succession of ideas. It links a thought from one sentence, idea, or paragraph to another that prevents abrupt jumps and breaks in between.

The main goal of transitional devices in an essay is to provide coherence in any writing. Some transitional devices are words and phrases associated with adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions. These words can either be found in the following parts of an essay: introduction, conclusion, beginning, or end of a paragraph in the body.

Examples of Transitional Devices

There are 13 types of transitional devices and below are some examples for each category:

1. Illustration

  • Thus

  • To illustrate

  • Such as

  • For example

2. Contrast

  • On the contrary

  • However

  • Yet

  • Nevertheless

3. Addition

  • And

  • Besides

  • As well as

  • In addition

4. Time

  • Afterward

  • Rarely

  • In the meantime

  • Before

5. Space

  • Adjacent

  • Beyond

  • Surrounding

  • Nearer

6. Concession

  • Although

  • Granted that

  • At any rate

  • While it may be true

7. Similarity or Comparison

  • Similarly

  • In like manner

  • Likewise

  • Analogous to

8. Emphasis

  • Above all

  • Surely

  • Certainly

  • Indeed

9. Details

  • Specifically

  • To explain

  • In detail

  • Especially

10. Examples

  • For example

  • In particular

  • In other words

  • For instance

11. Consequence or Result

  • So that

  • Therefore

  • Due to

  • Hence

12. Summary

  • Therefore

  • In short

  • As a result

  • Finally

13. Suggestion

  • For this purpose

  • To this end

  • With this in mind

  • With this purpose in mind

The application of transitional devices in one’s blog essay paves the way for readers to instantly grasp the ideas and points that connects to one another. Writers may seek guidance with some tutorial videos and well-detailed websites on how to use various transitional words and phrases that are readily available to create a coherent blog essay.

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