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Tips on How to Overcome Bad Book Reviews

It is inevitable for writers to encounter criticism for their work. It is a natural occurrence when you publish something and expect comments from different people. Some of these feedbacks are constructive, while others are indeed destructive and offer no absolute regard to the writer’s feelings.

These bad reviews can get you if you are a novice writer. People will advise you to get over them and focus on your work, but these statements are easier said than done. Prepare yourself to be affected, but you will soon get used to such feelings. The renowned writers still receive criticism, both constructive and destructive. The only difference is how they take it in.

The most celebrated writers of the industry practice self-control. They know what criticism to accept and internalize and which of them to reject. It is one thing to read reviews of your book, but it is also essential to filter which of them are suitable for your development as a writer.

Listed below are some of the tips on how to overcome bad book reviews.

1. Avoid replying.

Being a writer in this generation is a tough job. Reviews about your work can be seen online, some will be good, and others will be bad, and it is only natural for you as the author to read them. However, no matter how tempting it is to reply to such reviews, especially the worse ones, you have to hold yourself by not acknowledging them. There is no good in trying to reason yourself out, proving that you are more than their bad reviews. Breathe in, relax, and calm your nerves.

2. Read reviews that matter.

In the sea of reviews, search for the one that truly matters. Look for constructive criticisms because those are the ones to help you improve yourself. Learn from the reviews and be better the next time you work on a new project.

3. Do not let the bad review get the best of you.

Letting bad reviews take over your thoughts will bring bad vibes and lead you to unproductivity. Constantly thinking about that one bad review will kill your mood and imagination to produce something more significant than the previous one. Read the review and let it go.

4. Part of the journey

Everything comes with a price. Being a writer has its price as much as any other profession. Book reviews are part of the journey, keeping you moving. Without proper, you will not know what areas need improvement. Accept the review regardless of whether it is good or bad.

5. One person's negative opinion is not substantial.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Opinions are mere judgments— not facts, and let them stay that way. Don’t let it drag your energy down.

At the end of the day, the verdict is yours to decide. Whether you will succumb to the dark thoughts emanating from the bad reviews you have read or move forward with a refreshed mindset to do better than yesterday. Ask yourself and evaluate the things that matter, redirect your focus on the positive and constructive reviews, and refrain from absorbing the negative ones.

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