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Tips on How Authors Can Increase Their Productivity by Doing Less

In order to be a writer, we must produce a lot of material. Whatever we write is meant to be used for marketing and social media purposes.

Tip 1: Recognize the power of a single piece of information.

It is true that material can be used in many ways.

A few specific instances:

  • Your blog is an excellent source of pull quotes for your social media postings.

  • Create a series of blogs, an ebook, or a white paper out of a presentation you've given.

  • Look through blogs on a certain topic and use the free information from one of the articles to create a free ebook or newsletter download.

  • Find parts of your book that may be made into engaging social media postings.

  • Create newsletters from your blog material.

  • Convert blog material into videos.

If you're limited to using just one piece of content, you can accomplish almost anything with it.

Your success will depend on how you utilize what you produce. Instead of trying to get more, use what you have where you can.

Tip 2: Ensure that outdated information is updated.

This is applicable to blog articles and social media posts. There's a good chance you have some older blog articles that are out of date or might benefit from some fresh material.

Therefore, rather than removing the content or beginning again, restructure it with a decent edit and some more information. This will provide you with a solid foundation for developing a new material that is still relevant.

Similarly, for social media postings. Examine your feed to see which posts elicited the most responses. Create a fresh picture that is appealing for the post and re-share it.

The trick is to approach your existing material with a new perspective - how can you improve upon what is currently available?

Tip 3: Remember to recycle!

Allow me to relieve you of the stress of always creating fresh material. The truth is that you are permitted to recycle!

Here's why you'd want to do so:

  • Many of your followers do not notice your posts immediately after they are published.

  • Your social media following is continuously increasing, which ensures that your material remains fresh for new followers.

  • Individuals quickly forget what you've posted!

  • It maintains the viability of your older blog articles and continues to bring visitors back to your website.

Even if your old blog post is about a book that has already been published, you may still utilize it! That's an excellent method to draw attention to your other publications, keep them visible, and introduce new readers to them.

Additionally, you may repurpose previously used material by generating a new picture and altering the title for social media sharing. I use Adobe Spark, which simplifies the process tremendously!

Yes, this does need some work. However, repackaging existing material takes much less time than creating entirely new content.

Tip 4: Check to see if you have any unused material.

Writers have commonly amassed a substantial amount of research for their books. This research would make great blog articles, social media postings, or talking points for a presentation or interview.

And then there are the much-loved chopped portions that are omitted throughout the editing process. That is not to say it is not useful or cannot be utilized in another manner. Perhaps you could make such chapters available as free downloads or as additional bonus chapters with pre-orders.

Alternatively, you may utilize parts of those chapters for social media or blog articles. The idea is to see everything you produce as a marketing or social media resource.

These are a few suggestions to start your creative juices flowing. As you can see, you do not have to spend your whole week creating fresh content or material. Almost certainly, you already own something that can be used.

Be inventive! Consider things from a new perspective and you’ll discover that you have much more to work with with little effort.

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