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Tips in Becoming A Better Writer

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In order to be successful in writing, it's essential to write effectively. As a writer, I have written and published my first ever book titled Joe's Alamo: Unsung, and I continue to work on my writing every day. Being able to publish a book is not the endgame.

One does not acquire the ability to write well. It is a lifetime endeavor. Even if you are writing a couple of times a day, you may still feel that your writing skill lacks something. Alternatively, you may have a sense of being hindered.

Many aspiring authors would have thrown in the towel by now, but you think that with the proper assistance, your story has the opportunity to reach the people.

I'm sorry, but writing a bestseller overnight is not possible. Also, those who claim they can do so are most likely full of it. But I do think I can make essential tips in becoming a better writer.

Here are the tips for becoming a better writer:

Make no attempt to write a bestseller.

That is the furthest thing from my thoughts when I begin a new book. My book must originate from my interests, strengths, and areas of interest to have a chance of success.

I have no influence on the market, sales, or reviews. All I have control over is how much time and energy I devote to a writing endeavor. It must spring from the excess of what motivates me.

What is your area of expertise? What is your strength? What fuels your passion?

That is something to write about.

Your enthusiasm will keep you on the keyboard and inspire you when the writing becomes challenging - and it always does if you're doing it properly. Success will follow through if you are doing it right.

Abstain from throat clearing.

We use a phrase in the writing industry to describe any writing that slows a narrative or chapter by starting with anything other than the excellent material.

Eliminate the setup, the description, the location, and the philosophical pontifications and get to the narrative.

Always keep the reader in mind.

Attach a sticky note to your screen that reads "Write Think Reader First" to remind yourself of these essential concepts while you're working.

Your only objective is to create a narrative that is so fascinating and unforgettable that the reader becomes absorbed in it from the start.

Treat your readers with respect and write what you would want to read. That, my friends, is the golden writing rule. Never relent; never get bored. Always prioritize your reader.

Invoke the right emotions in your reader, so they get intrigued.

Have you ever wondered why books are usually superior to films?

Even Hollywood's ingenuity and high-tech CGI capabilities cannot match with the theater of our imagination.

My imagination creates visual representations of whatever an author suggests.

Offer your reader just enough details to pique their imagination, transforming them from an audience member to a participant in the event.

"Difficulties mastered are opportunities won."
- Winston Churchill

Keep writing!

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