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Things to Know Before Hiring a Book Publicist

Regardless of whether you are a writer, you have heard of publicists somehow. They are professionals in their field and know how to make things work with all things related to your book and the career you have in mind as a writer. They have plenty of connections that they can share and you can benefit from.

They make things simpler for you and be able to get that attention and publicity that would be tough if you were doing it independently. Make sure you share the same goals with your book publicist. Both of you must be going in the same direction and have a direct and definite plan before taking on this journey. Have a genuine connection with your publicist and be honest with them. Tell them how you want things to go and your willingness to commit.

What happens when you get a publicist of your own?

This is only a fraction of the queries some people are curious about. What truly happens when a writer or an author avails of the services of publicists.

Below are some situations that may arise when authors get themselves a publicist. Learn and study as you go along.

There are plenty of ways that your publicist starts their objectives. They will sit down with the author and comprehensively discuss trivial things such as the author’s career plan, goals, objectives, the writing process, the target audience, genres, and the likes. They will evaluate the things being tackled and create a plan for them. Their methods involve strategic campaigning on various social media sites, newspaper and magazine outlets, radio stations, etc.

Publicists will work on getting their clients to receive the best exposure from their series of connections by promoting their image thoroughly. They will provide prints and online press for the author to get them started.

Services offered by Publicists:

  • Conduct and schedule interview

  • Pitch content ideas to media journalists and influencers

  • Creating media features

  • Reach out to media outlets

  • Generate book videos or trailers and upload them on various social media platforms

Authors who get in touch with professional publicists who are good at their work will ultimately get the best results from the fruit of their labor. Extensive media coverage can help promote the author’s ideas and proposals for future projects. In a way, the author’s books are a tool to market themselves in the writing industry.

The authors must pitch in the same or even more significant effort that their publicists exerted. With a good amount of effort, you can find readers who can help you achieve your goals. These readers, when satisfied and valued, can be a magnet for sales, securing purchases for your future endeavors.

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