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The Most Pervasive Problems in Book Marketing

Marketing is as essential as having your book published. The journey does not stop the moment your book gets published. In fact, that is where the real journey begins. After publishing your book, the responsibility of marketing lies primarily in your hands. No matter what type of publication you choose, it could be through traditional publishing or self-publishing.

Although traditional publishing offers to market your book, they will not do it full time. They have hefty amounts of authors to cater to. If you want your book to get the proper attention it deserves, then you have to do the work yourself and monitor the process. The same goes for self-publishing.

This article will tell you more about the most pervasive problems in marketing your book.

1. Attracting, Building, and Sustaining an audience

One factor that makes book marketing an arduous journey is probably garnering an audience to come and give your book a chance, especially if you are a rookie writer and are yet to begin making a name in the writing industry.

Attracting an audience is the first step you must learn for successful book marketing. You must identify your target audience and set expectations on how to gain their attention. Know your genre and design your marketing strategy relating to such.

The next thing is building relationships with your audience. This is a challenging task since some readers are hard shells. Some are difficult to please and will often give negative feedback.

Suppose you have built a connection with your readers. The following task you have to achieve is sustaining the relationship with them. When you are a newbie in the field, it’s hard to keep your fan base running. Most of the time, their commitment will dwindle as time pass by. Hence you have to know how to keep their interest going.

2. Finding the right people

Readers are what drive authors to prosperity. Without their patronage, you are off to a lousy start. Finding the right people to support your content takes some excellent skills, and sometimes, when you are lucky enough, some of them will naturally come your way.

3. Insufficient funds

Marketing is expensive. If you are a newbie writer, most likely, you have not yet built strong patrons to help fund your projects. Marketing your book will be more onerous if you have a tight budget. In most cases, you will find it challenging to look for prospective sponsors, unlike renowned artists where marketing companies will come running after them.

4. High competition

The literary world is an ever-changing industry. Authors are going in and out, and more books are getting released day by day, thus, increasing competition. However, the writing industry’s competition weighs more on being a friendly competition amongst writers in all genres.

Every author, at some point, has faced problems with marketing their book, which is natural considering the thousands of books being published daily. The competition is on the rise, but the immediate solution to this problem lies in how you make use of the resources available at your disposal. But before knowing how to solve the problem, you must first understand what the problem is.

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