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Realization of Becoming A Writer

There's a point in our lives where we come to a realization of becoming a writer—a feeling of euphoria penetrating upon our core.

"Reading is the finest teacher of how to write."
- Annie Proulx

Ever since my elementary days, I have always been fond of reading. You can learn so much from it, and it can take you to hundreds of places. Let you feel things that you did not know that you are capable of. It brings unknowing emotions upon me. Indeed books are a source of unimaginable things.

As I become fond of reading, writing has been naturally part of it. Truly continuous reading has inspired me to be a better writer. Later on, at the junction of my high school days, a high school career counselor told me that writers and journalists were not paid very well and that there were too many of them, so I'd never get a good job. He told me to try an automotive mechanic instead.

I hope all such career counselors are fired by now for giving terrible advice to young students. That system was worse than the communist, who at least gave their students a test. I was not too fond of the shop but assumed he must have good information about journalism. So I decided on a science career.

Choose What You Want

Becoming a great writer doesn't take overnight; continuous learning is needed. Listening to advice that feels so against you, then don't do it! Out of the experience I had, what you truly want is what matters.

At the end of the day, what they say is simply advice. The decision solely depends on you. Regret is one of the greatest mistakes that anyone can make. Do what truly makes you happy. Do what your heart desires.

Job Does Not A Measure of Happiness

We are now in the 21st Century; if you also want to be a writer, do it! If you're concerned about money, then you can make writing your sideline. Slowly build your credibility as a writer. You don't need to stop your writing journey.

"Let the words on your mind flow on the paper."

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