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Importance of Book Reviews; How and Where to Get Them

It is one thing to publish your book and market it in the industry and on various platforms, but these are not sufficient to get the attention of the masses. Book reviews are a crucial part of the direction of the book’s success. They serve as a guide on whether or not the community of readers and reviewers will accept the book.

A book review is an integral part of your book’s journey because it reflects the standing of your work toward the general public. When seeking a book review, brace yourself for the differing opinions from various people. Be open to constructive criticism and apply such when necessary.

Book Review

Book reviews will give you an insight into the minds and faculties of your readers. What spikes their interest, hooks their attention, and the discerning qualities of your book that they liked or disliked. Examine all of this information and reviews; register and take note of them, so you can have the decision to consider them appropriately.

Book reviews also serve as a guide to potential readers if they consider and give some thought to availing the book or passing on it. A good book review may render a positive stature for your text and your image as an author.

Suppose you know about book reviews and are looking for where to get them. Here’s how and where.

How do you get Book Reviews?

You realize that you can attain reviews in various ways, not just from the people who personally bought your book and decided to give it some feedback. Some methods on how to get book reviews can be as simple as you may have realized.

With the internet at your disposal, make good use of it. You can rummage through different social media platforms, and best believe some individuals are more than willing to give your book a try and provide feedback. However, as enticing as it sounds that there are plenty of people to choose from, you have to know that not everyone will be able to give a sound, accurate and thorough review of your book. If you encounter such, you may as well be wasting your time, effort, and money.

Where do you get Book Reviews?

Getting book reviews may be familiar to some, and others may have no idea about such, but there are legitimate sites that offer Book reviews. Some of these sites are free, and others need some payment, but they undoubtedly offer quality reviews.

Feel free to see for yourself the sites here in this list.

  1. Goodreads

  2. Compulsive Reader

  3. The New York Review of Books

  4. The Rumpus

  5. Barnes & Noble Review

  6. Affaire de Coeur

  7. Reedsy

  8. Booklife

  9. Publisher’s Weekly

  10. Kirkus

  11. Booklist

  12. Love Reading

  13. Bookish

  14. Library Thing

  15. Fantasy Book Review

Searching for people to provide book reviews for you may be easy, but finding THE right people is where the challenge begins. Be sure to choose the proper reviewer, those righteous and moral enough to do the job. If opting for a site, be keen on the details of their services; how effective they are at providing your needs as an author.

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