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3 Ways To Expand Your Vocabulary

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Books and novels hold so many emotions, surprises, and drama even without pictures and illustrations. Words are the only thing that connects the reader and the story, which is why an enriched vocabulary is critical when aiming to create an effectively written piece. As writers who have written a significant number of works and at the same time avid readers who cherish literary elements, you might feel confident of your level of vocabulary. But no matter how wide you think your jar of words is, there will always be more to uncover.

The lack of vocabulary and different words is not a grave offense, per se, but it could be one reason you haven’t moved forward with your progress. Fear not, as I shall show you how to expand your vocabulary in three easy steps.

Widening Horizons

We all have our favorite speakers, authors, genres, and topics, but as much as we hate to go out of our comfort zones, trying new things is still one of the best ways to absorb more out of life - including vocabulary. Further areas of focus entail many things, including jargon, terminologies, variations, and more which is already a whole world of new words. As a bonus, knowledge in a broader scope of subjects will also be enhanced alongside the vocabulary expansion process.

Be Vigilant

Despite deliberately wandering off to the other side of the world of literary pieces, you should still be aware of new words that pass by you in your favorite show, music, or movie. Do not allow for these beautiful discoveries to fly away and forever be forgotten. Once they cross, make sure to take the opportunity and hold on to their presence, and put them in your jar where the rest of your vocabulary, old and new, are.

Turning Input Into Output

No matter how effective they are, following these steps is futile without application. When left unused, these newfound learnings would inevitably wither, and all that effort put in trying to expand the vocabulary would be for nothing. Outputs do not necessarily have to be limited in the form of technical applications. It would be ideal for applying these new words through games and jokes, whatever you’re comfortable with.

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