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Historical Fiction Approach in Joe Alamo's Unsung

The rationale behind Literary Genres

Authors’ imaginations can be limitless. The writers can come up with a broad scope of perspectives and reasonings. Technically, writers’ wide array of creativity is called fiction. In literature, fiction can be classified into different literary genres. Genre, by definition, is a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content. Similarly, the literary genre has several subgenres: poetry, drama, prose, and historical fiction.

What are Historical Fiction and my take on it upon writing the book?

This genre is set at a significant or remarkable point in history. Some characters may even be historical figures; however, its elements such as dialogues, setting, plot, and the like are based on creative imagination. Most historical fiction has political undertones.

Most importantly, I wrote the book with the utmost care and balance of research and creativity. Similar to time traveling, readers get to transport to another time and place that can be real, creative, or a duo mix of both.

Joe's Alamo Unsung is historical fiction with equal emphasis on both terms. It is historic because the characters are based on actual events in the Texas Revolution or the Battle of the Alamo from February 23–March 6, 1836. It is fiction because the historical record is spotty. Yet, the story needs to speak for itself truthfully. Part of the reasons for writing this genre of fiction is to show the characters' contributions and influences and expand their perspective that other writers ignored. These unsung heroes have been forgotten for too long.

Personally, writing this book is my way of showing that every race and every religion contributed to Texas’ independence. Western pioneers depended upon their neighbors for support and protection. Yet, to have the most famous battle in Texas history ignore the contributions of other races was unrealistic and a disservice to all Texans. A big part of my fellow countrymen.

As reviewed by the LA Times, it is a historical fiction taking its readers to the heart of Texas’ war for independence at the Battle of the Alamo. Indeed it focuses on the heartwrenching story of Joe, William Travis’ slave who happens to be the only male survivor in the battle against thousands of Mexican armies.

Literary genres are primarily utilized to create specific forms and styles in writing fictional stories. It keeps your boundaries and horizons limited and expanded, respectively.

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