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Elements of a Good Book Cover

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Being an author is not easy because there are plenty of factors you need to consider. From publication to marketing, everything can be overwhelming, and even the slightest elements can make a huge impact on you and your book’s success.

For instance, choosing the right book cover can be intimidating as this can be viewed as subjective rather than objective to some people. However, what matters most is your unique and creative interpretation of your book cover. In my book, Joe’s Alamo: Unsung, I focused on adding a new dimension to a familiar historical event to make it more interesting. In this blog, I will tell you my opinion about the elements that make a good book cover.

Aesthetically Pleasing

First impressions last might sound cliche when it comes to products, but almost every person who looks at your book’s cover does exactly the same thing. You don’t want to make your readers cringe just by staring at a messy book’s cover. Keep in mind that the book cover is considered as a reflection of its content, hence, you should consider choosing a book cover that will be eye-candy to everyone. Although it sounds challenging, it’s definitely achievable if you work with the right people in the industry.


Another element you should consider when it comes to your book cover is uniqueness. It provides your book a distinct look among others in the same genre and also differentiates it from other book titles if you happen to have sequels.


It’s important not to confuse your readers with your book’s cover. Don’t put any graphics on the front cover if they don’t relate to the story or the content. If your book is a children’s drawing or coloring book, the book's cover can be colorful and artsy with doodles and some text. If it’s a novel, you can make a cover that will not throw away the plot.

Considering these elements when you're working on your book's cover can go a long way. Take your time, trust your instincts, and work with the right people to achieve the front cover that fits your book's genre.

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