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Debunking the Common Misconceptions about Writing

Everyone at some point has this idea about writers and their work. It is an inherent characteristic to think that way. Writers are ordinary people, and there are limits to how much they can handle everything on their plate like everyone else. Some ideas about writing are common misconceptions, and this article will talk about that.

Listed below are some common misconceptions about writing that most people have fallen prey to:

1. Naturally gifted in writing.

This statement has some truth, but it is primarily a misconception. Although some people are born with the gift of writing, knowing exactly how to express themselves through writing what they feel. However, those gifts will not prosper if not properly cultivated. Some writers started not learning how to write but gradually became good at it. You see, no matter how gifted you are, if you don’t know how to make use of your given talent, you are off to a bad start.

2. Always know what to write about and are abundant with ideas.

Another common misconception about writing is that writers always know what to write. That is a false assumption because, like everyone else, writers have tough days where they don’t know what to write or don’t know how to start even a single sentence. Writers are not abundant with ideas all the time. In fact, many writers experience “writer’s block,” and in most cases, they do everything in their might to overcome that phase.

3. Writing is best done alone.

There is a reason why an acknowledgment section exists in every book written and published. No author has ever done their work alone, and no book has been written single-handedly. Other people are involved in its creation, including the author’s family and friends, their editors, proofreaders, etc.

Some writers find it helpful to work in a noisy environment because it makes them feel less alone, thus, increasing their productivity. In fact, you can see a lot of writers working in a coffee shop with their laptops on— engrossed in their work. Most writers make use of some friendly advice from their peers and other trusted people to review their work and spot mistakes.

In all of that, it boils down to the writer’s preference. Hence, people shall revoke the notion that writing is a solo act because it is not a task done in pure solitude.

4. Ideas are original

With the internet at our disposal, it’s astounding how everything is made easier for us, especially the access to great information in a snap. There is no such thing as original nowadays. Everything is a byproduct of something. In all aspects of life, in arts and literature. Every art and content is based on something that has already existed. So to say that all ideas of writers are original is a falsity.

5. They write nonstop

Writers are ordinary people. They get tired, as most people do. Hence, the notion that writers never stop writing is inaccurate. Writing requires focus and is more on brain work. Rest is vital because continuous brain activity is draining. Without rest, fatigue will compromise your work which is a flaw that you should avoid at all costs.

There are plenty of misconceptions circulating about writing, some of which are tackled in this article. No matter how much of these are addressed, it still prevails for some people. However, it is best to separate the truth from what’s not. To be mindful of the ideas that we absorb. Always be skeptical. Before acknowledging something, check its validity first.

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