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Daily Routines of a Novice Writer

It takes dreams, motivation, and continuity for a person to sustain their passion for writing, especially when we are still undergoing a start-up routine for this activity. We need to set our role models first for us to determine our writing style and try to incorporate their daily routine as a writer, and from that, we can now be able to formulate the method that works best for us.

3 Daily Routines of a Novice Writer

Here are some basic daily routines that novice writers find helpful that you might be able to incorporate to help boost your writing skills:

Push yourself to be physically healthy to prepare your mind to be mentally active.

Whenever an idea has not been sprouting yet, you need to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle by having the correct number of sleeping hours according to your age range. You also need to maintain a healthy-eating balanced diet 3-5 times a day, including your snack time with a portion of healthy food.

Time will come when an idea will eventually come to your mind, and you become mentally active in writing more about it. Your healthy physical condition that you have maintained before will help you withstand the long nights, unhealthy fast foods, and especially your caffeine intake from rapidly deteriorating your physical well-being.

Do and finish the most important things first.

Writing has no deadline as long as you want to continue your topic or story. The endpoint of your paper lies in the palm of your hand. It is in your preference what time you want to write since this will depend on when your mind is actively generating ideas.

If you feel that your mind is actively providing you with many ideas to work on every morning, you may write until you have thoroughly exhausted your ideas for the day. Afterward, you may continue doing your other task, house chores, or other responsibilities on that day.

This routine may work reversely as well. You may finish first all your non-writing duties and responsibilities, and then after all of it, you may now prepare and focus your mind on creating your write-ups.

Appreciate the struggles and be diligent in writing.

A writer cannot bring an outstanding write-up to perfection over a day only. It takes many struggling days and nerve-wracking nights to achieve the result we are aiming to achieve. Being diligent in our passion plays a significant role in withstanding the high tides of hardships we are about to encounter as we journey our lives to become the writer we aspire to be.

Failures encountered during the process are mostly the foundation of your work's success. Without them, you may not be able to determine the aspects that require modification. In James Clear's article entitled The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers, he quoted, "You have to grind out the hard work before you can enjoy your best work."

These three daily routines are the most mentioned ones for some writers who share their methods online. Some start-up writers find them compelling, and some of them are not. It only serves as a guideline for a writer who may need one along the process of becoming effective in their craft.

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