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An Enemy Called “Writer’s Block”


A writer’s greatest nemesis is probably the dwindling ability to generate new ways to deliver words, ideas, and ingenuity to their respective readers. The feeling can be overwhelming, especially when you have deadlines to attend to and your work keeps on piling on top of another. It can be a nuisance because you get stuck on the same blank page with nothing to write. Your thoughts are running, but you can’t seem to find or compose the right words to say, so you stare at the space and hope that somehow the inspiration you were searching for will smack you in the face, and you get to start seeing actual progress.

Writer’s Block

There is no shame in getting writer’s block; in fact, even the renowned authors of all time still experience this occasionally. The only thing that matters is you don’t let it get under your skin. Just like everything else, you have to remember that the writer’s block you are experiencing now will eventually pass by. Keep writing even if you end up clicking the backspace more than what you typed in. Carry on with constructing sentences even if they don’t make sense because gradually, you will be able to pick up the threads from where you trailed off, and the words that weren’t there will begin to resurface.

4 Things to Counter Writer’s Block

You Must Read Voraciously

You learn a lot when you read. You get to understand certain things from other people’s eyes which will widen your perception, and you begin to incorporate what you have learned into your writing style.

Improve your Lifestyle

Often, when working, you tend to neglect your lifestyle, which may impose harmful effects on yourself and the work you do. There should be a balance between the two, not sacrifice either one.

Have A Neat Workplace Suited to Your Taste

Your workplace can also affect the way you do your work. Make sure to organize your stuff so that it inspires you to do your work accordingly. When you have a neat workplace, there is a high chance that your thoughts will run smoothly because everything around you is in place. Thus, keeping your station properly organized suited to your liking would help enhance your work approach.

Make Writing a Habit

Planning your time and making writing a habit will help substantially since you will become accustomed to writing down your thoughts, as random as they may be. Little by little, you will begin to see improvements in how you construct your words coherently. You will be able to pick up and absorb ideas almost immediately.

It is a natural thing not to be able to form phrases consistently. It takes practice to get your words to flow naturally and with ease. In countering writer’s block, you must incorporate these things into your daily lifestyle.

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