A Writer’s Reason to Blog

Creating and managing a blog is frequently called “blogging.” People who develop and continually update their blogs are called “bloggers.” However, blogging does not limit a writer’s imagination in plainly doing write-ups. Still, they can explore and entice their target readers by placing photography and other media related to their content.

What is a Blog?

The word “blog” is the root word of “weblog.” Oxford Dictionary defines a blog as a website where a person or a group of individuals representing an organization writes and updates regularly about recent events or topics aligned with their interest or purpose of their blog creation.

3 Reasons Why a Writer Creates Their Blog:

Writers make a blog of their passion.

Writers can express and build up their passion for writing, especially on a particular issue or topic. They feel motivated to write about it as they aim to reach their creation to their target population.

Writers who are starters in the blogging world may feel a bit stunned having their content not noticed by anyone, but once it starts attracting more audience, this will help them feel good about their blog topic, which can help sustain them in their blogging phase.

Expert writers are teaching aspirant writers.

Some writers wanted to impart some of their knowledge in writing, and with their heart for teaching, they created their educational blogs to share that know-how with aspirant writers. There is an abundant supply of topics to write about in learning how to be a good writer.

Authors make blogs their avenue of creating a book.

Writers create a particular purpose in blogging whenever they write a book. Many authors found their avenue of writing a book by creating and sharing their content in the shorter form of blog posts. Later on, they will compile these blog posts and edit them to create a book manuscript. They can also use a blog in promoting their books which can help in boosting its sale and promotion to a broader scope of potential readers.

These are only some of the few reasons a writer creates a blog that typically applies to many writers worldwide. There might be other intrinsic reasons that a writer could build and manage their blog, but one thing is sure. Writers wanted to express their thoughts, put them into writing, and have their readers visualize their ideas by viewing their blog creations with related pictures, videos, or songs to hook them up with the content.

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