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6 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Writing

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Do you find it hard to start an article from scratch after finishing the previous one? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there, and some are still occasionally coming back to square one. It sometimes just really depends on the spirit. There will be times when you are abundant with ideas, and there are also times when searching for mere simple words will be tough. Acknowledge the pressure, but don’t let it crawl under your skin. Endure that phase, for it will eventually pass by.

6 Tips and Tricks for Beginner Writing

1. Write with a Purpose

Think of the main reason why you are writing. Are you writing because you want to convey something? Or do you write because you feel obligated to or your work requires you to do so?

Make up your mind and have a purpose. That way, you’ll feel less burdened during the process, and it will be gratifying once the work is done.

2. Improve your Vocabulary / Develop a Reading Routine

Reading books can help widen and improve your articulation. Read as many books as you can. You can opt for novels, magazines, thesis, dictionaries, etc.

Search for the synonyms of the words you commonly use and encounter. As much as dictionaries and thesaurus are functional, you also have the internet at your disposal. Make use of these tools; they are beneficial in your quest towards broadening your vocabulary.

3. Ignite Inspiration

Go in search of creative forces to spark artistry within you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone; it could be anything. Be keen on the details. Inspiration can come not in the grandeur of things but rather from the smallest matter that the eye tends to overlook in the buzz of life. Look everywhere, and you will see.

4. Plan Ahead

Writing requires focus. Thus, you need to arrange your thoughts orderly and sketch the structure and flow of your writing process. It would be easier for you to get into writing once you have mapped out what you will write, from the introduction to the body and conclusion.

5. Research is a Thing

You have access to thousands of sources through the internet. Make use of this tool for your writing prompts. Learn from the others how they construct their craft, and generate your strategy for the piece you are creating.

6. Avoid Distractions

Productivity starts when you are less distracted by your surroundings. Start by setting aside the things that tempt you to delay your work, like smartphones, television, opening other social networking sites on your browser, loud music, and any other unnecessary background noises that may affect your work. It is crucial to have a peaceful and serene work setting or environment devoid of any distractions to get the job done.

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